About Gironde Logistics

Our Mission and Strategy

Gironde Logistics takes its name from the Gironde Estuary near Bordeaux, France, arguably the greatest wine-producing region of the world and a long-established center of the wine trade.  At Gironde Logistics, our goal is to free our clients from the minutiae of paperwork and compliance issues that are characteristic of the international wine trade.  With over a decade of experience in wine logistics and importation, we have well-developed competencies in the consolidation, importation, customs clearance, State and Federal compliance services and distribution of fine wine.  At Gironde Logistics, we operate leanly but efficiently, with a focus on tailoring services to the specific needs of our clients.  This enables our clients to pay only for those services that they require, rather than being locked into a one-size-fits-all agreement.


Gironde Logistics has a long history of importing wine from Europe, South America and South Africa and has extensive relationships with domestic and international logistics providers.  Through these partnerships, as well as a network of self-operated and third-party facilities, we provide our clients with a complete set of importation services including consolidation of wine at source, arranging and coordinating trans-oceanic wine shipments, management of United States import documentation and processes, and clearing services for wine imported into the United States.  On the domestic side, Gironde Logistics arranges for direct shipment to our centrally-based East Coast or West Coast facilities, warehouse inventory and storage services, as well as “last-mile” shipment of wine within the United States.  Our experienced staff provide a personal, focused approach, ensuring that your specific business needs and goals are timely achieved.  With our extensive wine importation experience, we guide wine importers and distributors of all sizes through the complexities of the importation and distribution process, thereby dramatically reducing time-to-market and significantly lowering overall costs.  Freed of the need to manage time-consuming and highly complicated logistical details, clients can more efficiently grow their businesses and seize new opportunities. 

Team Members

Jaime Bachrach

Prior to joining Gironde Logistics, Jaime Bachrach worked primarily in the legal sector, including as a commercial litigator at Day Pitney LLP in Hartford, as a law clerk for a nationally-renown federal appellate judge, and as a prosecutor with the New York County District Attorney’s Office.  Jaime’s practice for several years as an advocate for small- to mid-sized businesses prompted her to seek a more proactive hands-on roll with an expanding company, and her long-time interest in wine led to her to Gironde Logistics, where she serves as Head of Operations and General Counsel.  Jaime received a B.A. in Spanish and Latin American Studies from Wesleyan University, along with a J.D., Cum Laude, from the University of Pennsylvania.


Lesleyann Roland

Lesleyann (Lesley) Roland joined the Gironde Logistics team in May 2023, filling the role of Office & Warehouse Liaison, which involves supervising warehousing and logistics and managing client relationships. Her curiosity and interest in learning about the Wine Industry while utilizing the skill sets accrued over many years was what brought her to Gironde Logistics. Lesley’s vast experience includes ten years as a Logistics Manager at several large retail companies, such as Target & Timberland, and she also worked as a Pharmacy Manager at Walgreens for five years. She graduated from Hunter College with a degree in Biology.


Tom DiMaria

Tom DiMaria has served as Gironde Logistics’ Warehouse Manager since mid-2021, both supervising warehouse employees and jumping on the forklift as needed to help with daily operations. Prior to joining the company, Tom worked for several Connecticut-based companies, including assisting with inventory management for Macy’s distribution center and as a supervisor with a Meriden-based FedEx subcontractor. Tom graduated from Southern Connecticut State University with a B.A. in History.